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New Studio Space!

My studio started at the Keystone Business Center in November 2020, and as of March 2021 is now located inside Elevate Wellness and Physical Therapy! I'm so excited about this move, although I did not expect to move the studio so quickly! I owe an apology to my husband, Chris, and our friends, James and Mac, who moved me in to my first studio space in the Keystone (ON THE 4TH FLOOR) and then moved me in to my new space just 4 months later! Let me tell you, a Reformer provides a great workout, but it is NOT easy to move. It shipped pretty much all in one piece, so we didn't want to try to take it apart. You may be wondering why we didn't just put it in the elevator... why would she make her husband and friends carry this giant piece of equipment up and down three flights of stairs? This sucker does not fit in that elevator! So I may owe them all a few more baked goodies come to think of it.

When Emily approached me about joining her in her new space, I was so excited because I got my start in a PT clinic. I worked at a physical therapy clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska, while in college. That is where Erin Kottich, a therapist and Pilates instructor, introduced me to Pilates. And believe it or not, Erin is actually a good friend of Emily's and was even in her wedding! So it is really feeling a bit surreal and full circle. This definitely felt like a God thing for me, and I am so grateful to Emily for thinking of me and to Erin for giving me the encouragement to start this whole Pilates journey! So I am all settled in to the new studio and I am loving it! The clinic is amazing and so well put together. You guys, Emily has got serious style! If you haven't seen her clinic yet, you definitely need to check it out. She treats a huge range of issues, and she specializes in pelvic health and women's health. What a great place for me to be! Pilates is huge on strengthening the core and pelvic floor, so I hope that our businesses really can support each other and help each other grow. I have been keeping up with a lot lately, with moving the studio and getting set up in a new space, my business class just finished, and helping out at the store. I'm excited to get some more yoga classes on the schedule, get some more blog posts put together, and work on getting some video content out there!

When you get a chance, check out Elevate Wellness and Physical Therapy's website, Facebook, and Instagram pages!

Thanks for visiting my website! See you in the studio! ReplyForward

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