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Upcoming New Projects- Herb Baths and Health Coaching

As most of my clients know, future plans for my Pilates studio include an expansion into a new building, with more space for Pilates, as well as a new space for group yoga classes! Emily, who owns Elevate and the space I rent for Pilates is working on getting the new building up, but of course these things take time. We are now waiting on architects, permits, etc. When we start making more progress, I will of course share more updates.

In the mean time, I've been working on some other exciting new projects! Both of which are still getting ironed out, but I couldn't wait any longer to share...

herb bath steeping in french press

Herb Baths

For those locals that shop at Farrell's here in McCook, or follow us on Facebook, you have probably seen the Herbal Bath Mixes I've been making. I started taking herbal baths when I found a book, Moon Baths, by Dakota Hills and Sierra Brashear, which we have available for purchase at Farrell's. They have recipes for an herbal bath to take with each moon phase in each season. I love all the different seasons and sort of celebrating each one, so I immediately took to this idea. I've also been reading and learning more about using herbs in the past year or so. My husband and I are avid herbal tea drinkers, and I've now started growing more of my own herbs, making herbal remedies, taking lots of herb baths, and using tinctures. As I learn more I can't wait to share tips and recipes in the future. My latest herb project is testing out my own new recipes for herb baths... Stay tuned!

Health Coaching

My other big project lately has to do with Health Coaching. In the last year, I've earned my Certified Personal Trainer credential, as well as my Certified Nutrition Coach credential. My undergraduate degree from University of Nebraska, Lincoln was in Nutrition and Health Science, and I minored in Psychology, so I've long had an interest in the way people take care of their bodies and minds. I also love learning about how people behave in regards to eating and exercise. My most recent training courses taught me more about behavior modification and more specifically how to coach clients through habit changes, especially in regards to improving their health.

I've done some one-on-one health coaching as well as in a small group setting, but now I'm also working on an online program to help people anywhere change habits and learn how to eat better for a healthier life.

I'm especially interested in helping those who are at the very beginning of their healthy living journey. There is an overabundance of information out here about how to eat, how and how much to exercise, what diet it the "right" one, and on and on. It seems completely impossible to decide where

to start on your own! My goal is to be able to help people figure out a good starting point, and take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Over time, adapting healthy habits will help with weight loss AND management, energy, sleep, mood, and so much more! If that sounds like something you're interested in, shoot me a message so you can be the first to know when it's ready!

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